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Ferragamo Onsite Live Calligraphy and Engraving Event.JPG
Ferragamo Onsite Live Calligraphy and Engraving Event.jpeg

​I create on blank canvases such as glass, paper, and digital artboards where I can produce: permanent etchings on a celebratory bottle of wine or wedding perfume/cologne, custom handwritten vows or names filled on certificates, and business logos featuring a handmade design or a branded GIF to post on Instagram Stories, to name a few. Other surfaces include metals, plastics/acrylics, leather, wood, denim, mirror, agate — but my creative journey has led me to realize that if there is a will to customize an item or experience, there is a way, no matter the surface or space.  ​ I have spent over twelve years in the service industry, being trusted to serve and cater to all those who spend their time (money) with the intent of it providing a return. ​ My success lies in: listening to the needs of others, maintaining an attention to detail to anticipate needs before they are even realized, quickly solving any unexpected interruptions, being available and reachable to fulfill all requests and answer questions, utilizing teamwork to hit all marks, and ultimately, exceeding expectations. I am thrilled to be able to translate those experiences to my art and business by cultivating a great working relationship and maintaining confidentiality when necessary.. Such as when I hand lettered a short note along with the company’s ticker symbol on 300 bottles of Veuve Champagne as a gift to the company's employees when announcing the company's IPO.  ​ I graduated with a B.S. in Forensic Science and a B.S. in Biology from the University of Central Oklahoma, where I spent many hours in labs using my hands to make the slightest and most precise incisions, distillations, adjustments, and measurements. As it turns out, those skills transition very well to having great control over a pressure sensitive writing utensil in creating smooth, consistent, parallel, eye-catching calligraphy strokes, and maintaining utmost precision when I have zero room for error.. Such as when I added calligraphy in three different languages, in five custom books, that were flown from San Francisco to Vatican City, with one of them being presented to Pope Francis himself. (As shown in photos) In addition to creating, I love learning, reading, writing, listening, and observing. Born and raised in the Great Plains of Oklahoma City, I have also lived in Chicago, where I immersed myself in the downtown Chicago commuter lifestyle, and in Palo Alto, where on any given weekend you could find me in Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco, Monterey Bay, or Santa Cruz enjoying all the Bay Area has to offer. The same patience, mindfulness, focus, control, discipline, consistency, presence, and love that I have implemented in my own life is translated into my handiwork. Or maybe it is the other way around 🤔  ​ Either way, I am eager to collaborate and lend my hand to calligraph, engrave, handwrite or digitally letter: a word, names, phrases, or passages for a custom gift, project, or event!

Let's connect and get started on your next project or event. I look forward to creating.

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