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  • Jacque Wilson

How I Saved the Day with Onsite Calligraphy for a Wedding: A Tale of Last-Minute Place Card Magic in Atherton, CA

I was enjoying a Saturday at home when I received a day of request for calligraphy. The event planners were onsite at a wedding in Atherton, CA and just hours away from the dinner reception when they realized they were missing some place cards. They asked me to come to their property ASAP and help them calligraph the missing 15 place cards matching the script and color used by the previous calligrapher.

After further conversation I was able to get a photo sample of the color ink and mix it at home and head to the property within an hour of the planners initially reaching out. At the time I lived in Palo Alto and made the quick drive out to their estate with my pen and nib, and custom color matched ink.

When I arrived and started completing the missing place cards they realized some names had been misspelled on the place cards that had been completed by another calligraphy. I was able to redo the previous calligrapher’s place cards with the correct spellings and in a script that closely resembled their calligraphy.

Then the place cards had to be separated for each table in alphabetical order. With time running out, I was able to help them meet their deadlines by being able to read the calligraphy script easier thus faster because my eyes have been trained to proficiently read cursive writing.

Below is a snapshot of the place cards I compeleted. The placecards were ultra thick with floral letterpressed details and velvet ribbon.

ultra thick white letter pressed placecards with blue floral details and modern calligraphy script and cream velvet ribbon
Onsite Placecards for Atherton, California Wedding

The estate was lavishly decorated for the 3 day wedding event, the dinner reception being the final event for the weekend. They had brought in beautiful furniture for a lounge area on the grass with a stage for entertainment as well as the tables, chairs and luxurious decor for dinner. There was an onsite kitchen with chefs and wait staff that were in the process of cooking the dinner dishes and finishing details on tables, including the addition of the finalized place cards!

The environment was fast paced and under a strict timeline and this was right up my alley. My previous work experience includes working in fast paced fine dining waitressing/bartending and any pressure on me was non existent. I was prepared and focused and able to help them finish the job just in time for them to start heading in to the wedding ceremony to attend. The planners were literally changing into their formal outfits as I was helping them out and were walking inside for the ceremony as I was walking off the property.

They were thoroughly impressed with my proficiency and professionalism under tight deadlines. It was the last thing I expected on that beautiful day but I was so glad to be able to fulfill their truly last minute request and thoroughly enjoyed the continuance of my Saturday.

Last minute requests are something I can accommodate whenever possible so please do not hesitate to reach out to me to complete those day of details the day of!

I am now located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma so a last minute request such as this could work for events surrounding OKC including Norman, Edmond, Stillwater, Moore and Tulsa!

We can also utilize overnight/next-day shipping if there is some lee-way with the time frame :)

I look forward to hearing of how I can save the day with my hand!

Jacque Wilson


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